Tax Advisory Services

Project Developers, Investors, and Social Institutions

We guide and advise both commercial and social institutions and enterprises on the fiscal aspects of (cross-border) acquisitions, mergers, and reorganizations. We can assist you with questions regarding the application of transfer tax and/or value-added tax, as well as the application of corporate tax and local government levies. We are happy to collaborate with you on sustainability opportunities. Additionally, we have extensive experience in handling tax litigation before the tax chamber of the district court and the court of appeal.

High Net-Worth Individuals and Major Shareholders

Legislation on gift and inheritance tax for business succession among real estate investors is becoming increasingly stringent. In addition to income and corporate tax, we advise high net-worth individuals and major shareholders particularly on estate planning opportunities. We also have extensive experience in tax planning for (re)migration for our international clients.

Tax Returns

In addition to tax advisory services, we also prepare income and corporate tax returns for our clients. We can assist you if you receive questions from the tax authorities following your filed returns or if an audit is initiated. We have extensive experience and excellent contacts with the Tax Authorities for the tax returns of housing corporations.

We are characterized by a pragmatic approach, short lines of communication, and services tailored to our clients’ needs. We offer integrated services in collaboration with our colleagues from the Legal and Notarial departments.

Our tax advisors are all (aspiring) members of the Dutch Association of Tax Advisors (de Nederlandse Orde van Belastingadviseurs) .